Watch: Biden’s Top Senior Moments of the Year

Thank you for tuning in each week to watch our video compilations of President Joe Biden’s most troubling senior moments. When we started this series in July, we honestly weren’t sure if there would be enough content to keep it going on a weekly basis. We needn’t have worried so much, as Biden has consistently engaged in behavior that would in any other context oblige his family members to check him into an assisted living facility for incompetent seniors.

This week’s installment is a curated selection of our favorite Biden senior moments from 2022. The time he read “end of quote” and “repeat the line” off the teleprompter. The time he talked about visiting “54 states” and the “District of Combia.” Some of our favorite Bidenisms, including “bonsda cacampls,” “cumdefiresducfrsh,” and “May God prect our troops.” And who could forget the president tried to converse with a dead congresswoman? Read more…

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