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Watch: Biden’s Embarrassing Normandy Blunders Caught on Camera!

Joe Biden attended the 80th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy to honor the brave veterans who fought for our freedom. Unfortunately, his appearance and conduct left much to be desired.

Biden was scheduled to speak at 6:30 ET, but the event was delayed, leaving elderly veterans waiting longer than necessary. When these heroes were finally recognized, it was a touching moment. French President Emmanuel Macron awarded them the Legion of Honor, and their faces lit up with emotion and pride.

However, when Biden eventually made his way to the stage, he appeared confused and disoriented. He seemed unsure whether to stand or sit, awkwardly reaching for a chair that wasn’t there. His speech didn’t start until 8:00 ET, and when he did begin speaking, it was clear he was struggling.

Biden slurred his words and stumbled over basic phrases. He mispronounced “sir” as “sore” and botched the pronunciation of “sorties.” His comment about the veterans’ voices being silenced soon was poorly timed and insensitive, given the audience. Instead of focusing solely on the D-Day heroes, he diverted the topic to contemporary issues like the situation in Ukraine and the Russian casualties.

After his speech, Biden needed assistance from Jill Biden to leave the stage, while Macron stayed behind to spend more time with the veterans. The contrast in energy and respect between the two leaders was striking.

Fortunately, someone advised Biden against making the event overtly political or mentioning his late son, Beau. In the past, he has wrongly implied that Beau was among those killed in action, despite Beau passing away from cancer in 2015. Biden also avoided repeating the debunked claims about former President Donald Trump.

Overall, Biden’s performance was disappointing and fell short of the dignity and respect these heroes deserve. The event highlighted his ongoing struggles and contrasted sharply with Macron’s more energetic and respectful approach to honoring the veterans.

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