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WaPo Throws Freezing Cold Water on Kamala Harris’ Political Future

Earlier in January, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris crossed the halfway point in their first term leading the country without much fanfare to observe their administration’s two-year mark. It also started the clock on the second half of their time in office leading into the 2024 elections – in which President Biden still hasn’t announced whether he’ll seek a second term. That situation puts Vice President Harris in a tricky position, waiting to find out whether she’s going to be hitting the campaign trail for Biden or for herself as a presumptive candidate should Biden step aside.

Democrats aren’t necessarily confident in the latter scenario, and they weren’t shy about sharing their worries about a retread of Harris’ 2020 campaign when asked about 2024 by The Washington Post, although some requested anonymity to speak more “candidly” about Harris’s weaknesses. Read more…

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