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TX State Troopers Unleash Bold Plan Against Mexican Cartels

In the volatile borderlands of the Rio Grande Valley, particularly on the Mexican side, the situation is marked by ongoing conflicts between various criminal groups. The Northeast Cartel, comprised of remnants from the notorious Los Zetas, is engaged in brutal wars with the Gulf Cartel, a collection of different factions that also frequently clash among themselves.

To address the challenges posed by these criminal organizations, Texas state troopers from the Rangers Special Operations Group (SOG) have embarked on a mission under Operation Lone Star. They are actively working to clear an island located in the Rio Grande, aiming to deny these criminal groups access to areas that they typically use for conducting drug and human smuggling operations. Fronton, Texas, stands out as a notorious smuggling corridor, often witnessing open cartel activities.

Across the border from Fronton, on the Mexican side, lies Ciudad Miguel Alemán. This city consistently experiences intense battles between the rivaling cartel groups and Mexican authorities. The complex security situation along the border has prompted law enforcement to take precautionary measures.

Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham, speaking with Fox News, highlighted the significance of ensuring that Texas law enforcement has access to these islands amidst the ongoing border crisis. She emphasized the role of the General Land Office in determining the center of a waterway and clarified that the land in question was officially declared as part of Texas territory due to the evolving nature of the river’s formation. This declaration, she argued, is vital to bolster efforts to secure the border effectively.

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