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Time to End a Leftist Lie

Recently, there has been a Black Lives Matter terror mob stalking Carolyn Bryant Donham, an elderly dementia patient, over allegedly recanting a story of abuse she endured from Emmitt Till over 60 years ago.

Till was lynched after allegedly accosting Donham inside of a storefront. Till has been painted as an innocent young teenager, and Donham has been accused of fabricating the events. This has caused BLM terrorists, exploiting allegations of a 1955 arrest warrant against Donham, to target the woman, storm her assisted-living facility and demand a show trial…

“His grip was strong as he held by hand from across the counter. Complete astonishment, then fear filled my mind. He asked me, ‘How about a date, Baby?’ My mind raced. I feared thought he was going to molest me or worse. I was afraid for myself, and my babies. My babies were in the back room. He then grinned at me as I jerked my hand free from his and dashed towards the main counter to get Roy’s pistol,” she stated.

After she got free, Till grabbed her again and made it clear he was not taking no for an answer.

“I continued to struggle to get free from his grasp. As I was struggling, he said, ‘You needn’t be afraid of me, I’ve f–ked white women before,'” Donham said. Read more…

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