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‘These Are OUR Kids’: KJP Slams Restrictions on Trans Surgery

Well, isn’t this just delightful? The transgender cult is on the rise, and they’re not taking any prisoners. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, we have the White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, spewing nonsense about parents having no right to object to transgender surgeries. How convenient! Apparently, our children don’t belong to us anymore; they belong to the collective. Thanks for clarifying that, Karine.

According to Jean-Pierre, parents who are concerned about their child’s well-being and want to protect them from harmful procedures now have to consider leaving their state. Can you believe the audacity? I mean, who needs restrictions on puberty blockers and life-altering surgeries? Clearly, encouraging double mastectomies for minors is the epitome of child protection. Well done, Karine, for being so clear about your twisted logic.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Jean-Pierre is not only the White House Press Secretary but also an openly LGBTQ individual. Isn’t it just lovely when someone with such a biased perspective gets to dictate what’s best for our children? In a sane world, we would label such a person a groomer and keep them away from children. But in Biden’s America, we applaud and celebrate them. What a time to be alive!

Speaking of Biden, he’s not innocent in this matter either. He echoed the same sentiment as Jean-Pierre, claiming that there’s no such thing as someone else’s child. Our nation’s children are apparently all our children. I can almost hear the Founding Fathers rolling in their graves. I mean, who needs individual rights and personal responsibility when we can embrace the idea of communal ownership of children? It’s like a communist utopia!

In case you missed it, I previously discussed the dangerous communism behind this ideology. The great G.K. Chesterton warned against considering other people’s children as our own, as it erodes individual privacy and promotes a communist agenda. But of course, under the Biden administration’s LGBTQ dogmatism, these warnings are conveniently ignored.

Let’s not forget the detransitioners, those brave souls who regret the irreversible damage caused by these so-called treatments and surgeries. They speak of the lies they were fed by adults pushing them down the transgender path, while the majority of LGBTQ teens experience depression. But who cares about their well-being when we can push a radical agenda, right?

So, congratulations to KJP and Biden for trampling on the sacred rights of parents and promoting medical procedures that harm and destroy our young children. They must be so proud of themselves. As for the rest of us, well, I’ll just say it: go to hell, groomers. It seems like that’s where your twisted ideology originates, anyway.

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