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Surge: Majority Now Lives in Gun-Owning Households

In the realm of compelling political issues, the Left has traditionally centered on abortion while the Right has focused on gun rights. However, there has been a significant shift in recent times, with an NBC poll revealing that slightly more than half of respondents, approximately 52%, indicated that they live in households owning firearms. This surge in gun ownership has propelled the Second Amendment into a position that rivals the prominence of the top left-wing issue, abortion.

This notable rise in gun ownership, particularly among women and minorities over the past three years, is predicted by Second Amendment advocates to have a substantial impact on the upcoming 2024 elections. Alan Gottlieb, President of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, emphasized that the increasing number of gun-owning voters asserting their right to bear arms will likely influence the political landscape, potentially swaying key battleground states and districts, resulting in a significant setback for the gun prohibition lobby.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation estimated firearm sales exceeding a million per month for an unprecedented 51 consecutive months. This surge in sales is attributed to several factors, including efforts by liberal politicians, such as President Biden, advocating for gun bans, Democratic-led states pushing for stringent gun control measures and higher taxes on firearms, as well as a rise in violent crime in urban centers.

Moreover, recent events, such as the violence in Israel, have spurred a growing trend among individuals to stock up on semi-automatic handguns and rifles, indicating a diminishing support for stringent gun control measures. Justin Anderson, the marketing director for Hyatt Guns in Charlotte, North Carolina, highlighted a surge in sales following the Israel incident, noting increased demand for concealed carry handguns, tactical shotguns, and AR-15s.

The NBC poll underscored that 66% of Republican voters and 45% of independents reported owning firearms or residing in gun-owning households. Notably, even among Democratic voters, 41% indicated living in households with firearms, and among Black voters, there was a significant increase of 17 points over the past four years in the number of households owning guns, reaching 41%.

Gottlieb expressed optimism about the rising trend of gun ownership across various demographics, observing a cultural shift where more people from diverse backgrounds are taking personal responsibility for their safety and that of their families. He highlighted the perceived failure of gun control and bans to disarm criminals, emphasizing that these laws only impact law-abiding citizens while crime rates continue to surge in numerous areas.

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