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Shocking FBI Expose: Calls Grow to Abolish Agency!

Two FBI agents, whose security clearances were suspended after they testified to Congress about the FBI’s approach to pro-life groups and concerned parents, are sounding alarms about what they perceive as a “Marxist culture” within the Bureau and are advocating for its abolition. Garrett O’Boyle, lauded by House Republicans as a whistleblower, spoke at an Oversight Project event at The Heritage Foundation, highlighting the FBI’s embrace of identity politics events like Arab American Heritage Month and the use of race in hiring decisions, which he sees as indicative of a concerning ideological shift.

O’Boyle’s concerns extend to the FBI’s handling of issues such as the “threat tag” assigned to parents who voiced concerns at school board meetings. He revealed that when he questioned an FBI informant about potential threats related to the Supreme Court’s draft opinion on abortion, his superiors directed him to focus on attacks on abortion clinics. The aftermath of the leak of the Supreme Court’s opinion saw multiple attacks on pro-life centers and Catholic churches, raising questions about the FBI’s priorities and tactics.

Stephen Friend, another FBI whistleblower, shared his experiences, including the disappearance of his wife’s Facebook account after she contacted Moms for Liberty. He highlighted instances where the FBI relied on questionable sources like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to label groups as hate groups, pointing out the bureau’s bias against conservative and Christian organizations.

Both whistleblowers raised concerns about the FBI’s treatment of agents who speak out. O’Boyle recounted how his security clearance was suspended, leaving his family in a precarious situation, while Friend explained how the FBI circumvents whistleblower protections by suspending clearances instead of firing agents. They argued that the FBI’s actions effectively silence dissent and hinder accountability.

Their solution? They called for the abolition of the FBI, suggesting that its functions could be absorbed by other agencies like the U.S. Marshals Service. They advocated for a shift towards unarmed investigative roles, akin to the FBI’s original mandate, and increased collaboration with local law enforcement agencies. Their message at The Heritage Foundation resonated with calls for greater oversight and accountability in federal law enforcement, emphasizing the need to address systemic issues within the FBI.

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