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Shocking Connection: Disney’s Left Turn Linked to Iger’s January 6th Response

In a recent video released by Christopher Rufo, the narrative unfolds about Disney’s perceptible shift towards leftist politics, attributing this transformation to the response of then chairman Bob Iger to the Capitol Hill riot on January 6th. Rufo, known for shedding light on various issues, teases the exclusive footage by stating, “I’ve obtained exclusive new video from Disney marking the exact moment the company decided to become political—days after January 6, 2021.”

The subsequent two-minute clip reveals Iger’s declaration in January 2021, where he commits Disney to “taking a stand” on politics, specifically citing the events of January 6th. Iger proudly pats himself on the back for the movie “Black Panther,” presenting it as an exemplar of “diversity and inclusion.”

During the footage, Iger laments Disney’s past avoidance of political discussions and contends that this avoidance extended to non-political but essential topics. He suggests that the company should embrace taking a stand on issues rather than shying away from them. Iger takes responsibility for the perceived avoidance of political stands during his 15-year tenure as CEO, emphasizing the need to be less cautious in addressing significant events like January 6th.

Iger positions the company’s willingness to comment on events like January 6th as a non-political stance, asserting that the company recognizes the fundamental wrongness rooted in hatred, disrespect, contempt, and intolerance. This revelation prompts Iger to advocate for a more proactive approach, urging a shift towards projects like “Coco” and “Black Panther” to champion diversity. He acknowledges past complacency and self-congratulation, calling for a renewed commitment to pushing forward with projects that promote diversity.

Rufo, recognized for exposing Disney’s alleged “not at all secret gay agenda” in previous videos, draws attention to the deeper layers of the company’s political inclinations. This revelation eventually led to the creation of the Bentkey kids streaming app by Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing. The video underscores the company’s decision to align itself with certain political stances, raising concerns among those who may prefer a more apolitical stance from the entertainment giant.

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