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Portland’s 911 Shutdown: ‘Your Call Cannot Be Completed!

Progressive cities across the United States are facing the consequences of their policies, with a surge in crime and social issues. While some may be tempted to gloat over the situation, it’s essential to remember that it’s not just the arrogant progressives suffering; many innocent people are caught in the crossfire.

Philadelphia has made headlines for riots, violent incidents, and even the murder of a left-wing journalist. New York continues to grapple with crime problems, even as Governor Kathy Hochul reluctantly acknowledged the negative consequences of open borders. Tragically, a 32-year-old anti-cop and Antifa member named Ryan Carson was stabbed in Bedford-Stuyvesant, experiencing firsthand the outcomes of his beliefs.

Then there’s Portland, Oregon, which has been consistently in the news for all the wrong reasons. Recently, Portland’s safety commissioner, Rene Gonzalez, announced that their 911 system was overwhelmed due to multiple overdoses. This situation raises questions about why law-abiding citizens should be denied access to 911 services when the system is clogged with overdose-related calls. Measure 110, which decriminalized drug possession and reduced felonies to misdemeanors, was intended to provide support services to addicts but was disrupted by COVID-19.

Gonzalez explained that various factors, including Measure 110 and a 9th Circuit law on outdoor camping, have limited the city’s ability to address these problems effectively. He admitted that the city needs to focus on families, entrepreneurs, and organizations, rather than primarily catering to users and migratory homeless populations. The consequences of misguided policies are becoming increasingly evident in cities like Portland, demonstrating the stark reality of the progressive utopia, complete with needles, feces, and rampant crime.

It’s crucial to remember that while these cities grapple with the fallout of their policies, the well-being and safety of their residents should remain the top priority, regardless of political affiliation.

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