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Patriots Unite: Massive Texas Rally to Reclaim Our Borders!

In a powerful display of grassroots activism, concerned Americans gathered on the Texas border as part of the “Take Our Border Back” convoy, rallying to voice their support for securing the United States’ southern border. The meeting point was a private ranch in Quemado, Texas, situated just north of Eagle Pass—a notorious hotspot for illegal border crossings. This area has drawn attention as the Texas National Guard and Department of Public Safety took control from federal Border Patrol authorities.

The convoy, consisting of hundreds of vehicles, including semi-trucks and cars, arrived at the ranch on Friday night. The rally commenced with performances of Christian music, setting a tone of unity and purpose. Attendees, numbering around 300 vehicles, spent the night on the 10-acre property, positioned just a short distance from the Rio Grande River.

Anson Bills, the ranch manager, explained that Americans concerned about the border crisis were invited to the ranch for a peaceful weekend of prayer, expressing solidarity for a secure border and showing support for law enforcement addressing the crisis. The event welcomed participants with waving flags and merchandise stalls along the street.

The Quemado rally was one of three destinations for the border convoy, with groups also converging in San Ysidro, California, and Yuma, Arizona. Republican Congressman Keith Self from Texas’ 3rd congressional district attended the event, reinforcing his support for Governor Greg Abbott and other governors who have taken action to address the border security issue.

The rally occurred amidst a growing conflict between the Biden administration and Governor Abbott over Shelby Park in Eagle Pass. Texas authorities resisted the administration’s demand to relinquish control of the park to Border Patrol, opting to continue fortifying the area with razor wire barriers to deter illegal crossings.

Texas’ decision to secure its border reflects the ongoing surge of illegal aliens, with over 10 million crossing since Joe Biden assumed office. This unprecedented influx has strained cities nationwide, from New York to Chicago, prompting drastic measures to accommodate and house the increasing number of migrants entering the United States.

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