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Ohio Children’s Hospital’s Shocking Move: Undermining Parents on Trans Treatments

In a revealing twist, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, a facility that ardently lobbied Governor Mike DeWine to veto a ban on transgender procedures for minors, stands accused of grossly misrepresenting its commitment to parental involvement. Internal training videos obtained by The Daily Wire expose a stark contrast between the hospital’s public statements and its actual approach to decisions involving transgender-identifying children.

The hospital, which hosted Governor DeWine ahead of his veto and testified against the ban, publicly asserted that parental involvement is a priority. However, internal training sessions at the heralded Transgender Health Center tell a different story. Dr. Lee Ann Conard, the center’s director, suggested strategies to bypass skeptical parents, including putting children in therapy without parental knowledge and stopping young girls’ periods without informing parents.

Furthermore, Dr. Bridget Hagood, responsible for “gender-focused therapy,” emphasized the hospital’s unwavering commitment to “gender-affirming” approaches, even expressing comfort in writing letters for hormones. The videos reveal a concerning focus on getting as many children as possible into “affirming” care, such as hormone treatments and chest binders, despite documented risks.

Evie Heflin, a social worker for the transgender clinic, warned against references to transgenderism in medical charts, fearing parental access. The overarching goal of the clinic appears to be steering children towards gender-affirming care, raising questions about the hospital’s sincerity in its public assertions.

These videos, once publicly accessible on the hospital’s website, contradict its public explanations. Do No Harm, a nonprofit focused on protecting minors from radical gender ideology, discovered the videos and criticized Governor DeWine for failing to protect children by aligning with hospitals like Cincinnati Children’s. The hospital, a significant contributor to DeWine’s campaigns, has yet to comment on the training revelations.

The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital transgender center received substantial funding from the owners of Pure Romance, known for selling intimate products. The center, apparently “funded by love,” reflects the couple’s support for transgender causes. Governor DeWine, who emphasized parental roles in his explanation for the veto, faces criticism from within his party. The Republican-controlled legislature may override the veto, signaling growing discontent over the controversial decision.

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