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McCarthy’s Warning: Government Shutdown Looms Over Biden’s Inaction at the Border

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) issued a stark warning that a government shutdown could become a reality if President Biden continues to remain passive on addressing the crisis at the southern border. McCarthy expressed his concerns during a press briefing, emphasizing that if the president doesn’t take decisive action on the border issue, it could lead to a government shutdown. McCarthy argued that President Biden’s lack of leadership has already had catastrophic consequences, such as strikes in California and Michigan and embassy evacuations worldwide.

McCarthy called on President Biden to step in and address the border crisis, emphasizing that the Senate has failed to take up the House’s work on this issue. He urged the president to show leadership and take responsibility for the border situation, which he described as a direct result of Biden’s policies.

The House Speaker stressed that the government shutdown could be avoided if President Biden acts decisively to secure the southern border. McCarthy criticized the lack of leadership displayed by Democrats in the Senate, stating that it is essential for the president to take action to prevent a shutdown. He pointed out that the border crisis was a result of the president’s decisions and called on him to make the necessary changes.

McCarthy’s remarks come as Republicans seek to pass 12 separate appropriations bills to fund the entire government. They hope to use this strategy to give conservative Republicans more leverage in key policy battles. Additionally, McCarthy plans to bring his own continuing resolution (CR) to the floor, which includes provisions for border security.

Several Republican representatives have voiced their concerns about the border crisis and its impact on American communities. They blame President Biden for allowing cartels to have operational control of the southern border, leading to a surge in human trafficking and security risks.

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