Marjorie Taylor Greene Wins Re-Election

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has defeated Democratic challenger Marcus Flowers in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

With 24 percent of votes tallied as of 8:09 pm EST, the Georgia Republican, who easily won her primary in May of this year, is up by over 19 points over her Democratic rival, with Flowers polling at just 40.3 compared to Greene’s 59.7 percent.

According to The New York Times, Greene is projected to win.

Greene is one of the leaders in the fight against the indoctrination of children into gender ideology and the medicalized transitioning of kids:

“Young men that are being castrated [are] going to have lifelong, horrible medical conditions from it,” MTG mentioned while citing several other lifelong, irreversible effects from these procedures, such as kids getting double mastectomies. Read more…

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