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MA Teachers Sued for Grooming Kids Into Trans Mutilation

Parents with children attending middle school at Ludlow Public Schools in Massachusetts have filed a lawsuit against a group of teachers and administrators over the district’s gender policy and failure to disclose students’ gender identity to their parents.

A lawsuit was filed Tuesday in federal court by the Massachusetts Family Institute and the Child and Parental Rights Campaign on behalf of two separate sets of parents, who claim their children were encouraged by their Baird Middle School teachers to change their names and pronouns without parental consent.

The students were also told they could use restrooms corresponding with their new gender identity, the lawsuit states…

And while the lawsuit did not identify the school policy, The Boston Globe Magazine reported in the fall that the district allows students to adopt new names and pronouns, and school staff are barred from discussing a student’s gender identity with their parent unless the child offers their consent. Read more…

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