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Liberal Agenda Advances:Enviro Democrats Target Tires for Climate Control

Washington Democrats are proposing measures that could potentially increase tire costs for consumers as part of their efforts to combat climate change. The state’s Department of Commerce is seeking legislative authority from the Democrat-controlled Legislature to regulate tire efficiency, a move that has sparked concern among conservatives.

The proposed regulations would emphasize low-rolling resistance tires, which tend to be pricier than standard budget tires. Proponents argue that these specialized tires could save drivers money on gasoline over their lifespan. However, these cost savings might not outweigh the initial higher purchase price.

Steven Hershkowitz, a Senior Energy Policy Specialist, highlighted during a state Commerce Department webinar the potential emission reductions achievable through such regulations. He emphasized the significance of this policy in swiftly curbing emissions from transportation.

Traditionally, tire standards have been established at the national level. Yet, in a bid to enhance fuel efficiency and diminish emissions, California granted its energy department authority to regulate tires. Now, Washington’s Democratic Governor Jay Inslee’s Department of Commerce is seeking a similar regulatory foothold over tire standards, aiming to collaborate with California on these regulations.

The proposed standards are focused on replacement tires for passenger cars and light trucks, exempting original tires installed by vehicle manufacturers. California estimates a reduction of 1 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year through these standards. However, concerns have been raised by the rubber industry and tire dealers regarding potential adverse impacts on businesses and consumers.

Mike Manges, Editor of the Modern Tire Dealer trade journal, expressed apprehension about potential mandates limiting consumer choices and dealers’ freedom to sell tires based on customer preferences and budget constraints. Manges emphasized that not all consumers might afford higher-priced tires meeting the rolling resistance targets set by regulatory bodies.

These tire regulations emerge amid a broader context where Washington Democrats have pre-filed a bill seeking to penalize state residents for using gas-powered landscaping tools like leaf blowers. This simultaneous effort to regulate small gas-powered equipment aligns with their larger agenda to reduce emissions but raises concerns about increased government control and potential limitations on individual choices.

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