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How DeSantis Can Wreck Disney’s Grooming Operation for Good

Many Americans might be surprised to learn that Disney’s war against DeSantis’ anti-groomer law exists within a context of a long history of questionable conduct on the part of the company…

Year after year, Disney employees are arrested in sex sting operations set up by local authorities and for possessing child pornography. And it’s not just random maintenance workers with no interaction with kids who are being arrested. Many of these alleged child predators are security guards, hotel staff, performers, and other workers who come in close contact with children every day…

If Republicans take back the House and/or Senate, Governor DeSantis should call on lawmakers to hold public investigations into Disney’s hiring practices and find out why so many pedophiles, child predators, and peeping Toms have found their way inside Disney’s parks, hotels, and cruise ships for decades.

Former Disney child stars should testify before Congress about the dark underbelly culture of the Mickey Mouse Club and beyond, and how it negatively impacted their lives.

Governor DeSantis should also call on brave whistleblowers to step forward for the sake of the children and reveal what’s really going on behind the scenes inside Mickey’s palace. Read more…

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