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Google Labels Truth-Tellers ‘Dangerous’ for Fighting Anti-Semitism

“In the aftermath of the Hamas attack on Israel, 34 student organizations at Harvard signed a letter stating, ‘The apartheid regime is the only one to blame.’ The letter, released in the wake of the tragic loss of innocent lives, urged the Harvard community to take action to stop the ongoing suffering of Palestinians.”

Adams, who serves as the president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, called upon bar associations to closely examine the students who endorsed this letter. He emphasized that such a statement “excuses the wholesale loss of innocent lives and unfairly shifts blame to Israel,” indicating that it raises concerns about their moral and professional suitability to practice law. Additionally, he delved into the backgrounds of the leaders of these groups at Harvard Law School.

So what did Google do? They chose to demonetize the article, effectively preventing us from generating any revenue from it. Google asserted that the article was “dangerous” and “derogatory,” which translates to a financial loss for us, as we still need to compensate our writers. This pattern of demonetization is becoming increasingly common, especially with articles on topics that challenge mainstream narratives, such as climate change, COVID-19, and transgender issues, often being labeled as “dangerous” or “disinformation.”

Google’s rationale for labeling the article as dangerous remains unclear. They seemingly expect us to accept this decision quietly and refrain from covering topics that challenge the established narrative. It’s doubtful that they are taking similar actions against pro-Hamas websites that may be celebrating the attacks on Israel.

Since the article’s publication, numerous real-world consequences have been directed at students who expressed anti-Semitic views across the United States. A law professor at Berkeley advised employers not to hire his anti-Semitic students. At Stanford University, a professor was removed from the classroom for making derogatory comments about Jewish students. An Emory University professor faced disciplinary action for anti-Semitic statements, and a top law firm withdrew offers from law students who had signed the controversial letter.

Anti-Semitism on the left is a serious concern and shows no signs of disappearing. There are even reports of a pro-Palestinian group with ties to terrorism active on more than 200 U.S. college campuses. This group represents only the visible part of a broader anti-Semitic sentiment that exists within higher education institutions.

Despite Google’s actions, we will not be silenced. We proudly stand alongside our Jewish friends.

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