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Evangelical Bombshell: $62M Push to Secure Trump’s Re-Election!

The influential evangelical advocacy group, The Faith & Freedom Coalition, has announced a substantial investment of $62 million to support former President Donald Trump’s bid to reclaim the White House. Led by Ralph Reed, the organization aims to utilize these funds to register evangelical voters, employing a multifaceted strategy that includes door-knocking, texting, calling supporters, and distributing 30 million pieces of literature across 125,000 churches in battleground states. This initiative represents a $10 million increase compared to their spending during the 2020 election cycle.

Ralph Reed, a longtime Republican strategist and ally of Trump, highlighted the magnitude of the effort, stating that, to his knowledge, it is the most extensive outreach on the right outside of the Republican National Committee. This substantial financial commitment also underscores the potential challenges that Trump faces, given his financial disparity with President Joe Biden. Trump’s campaign funds trailed with $30 million at the end of January, just over half of Biden’s total. The Republican National Committee has $8 million on hand, only a third of its Democratic counterpart.

Reed acknowledged the financial gap but drew attention to Trump’s 2016 victory despite similar challenges. He emphasized the historic spending gap seen in recent election cycles, particularly in statewide and Senate races. Despite these concerns, Trump currently enjoys the support of 77 percent of evangelical voters who appreciate his stance on Israel and his appointment of three conservative Supreme Court justices.

This announcement aligns with Trump’s recent promise to resist what he perceives as a “corrupt” judicial system, even if it means facing legal consequences. Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump criticized President Biden and his legal representatives, declaring his willingness to prioritize freedom over surrendering to what he termed a group of “thugs, tyrants, and fascist scoundrels.” Trump’s remarks resonated with his base, reinforcing his determination to confront perceived injustices.

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