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Emergency Alert! Glenn Beck Exposes Shocking Censorship Plot Unveiled

BlazeTV founder Glenn Beck is raising concerns over an intensified push to demonetize and censor content related to climate change. The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), a British group reportedly working with the White House, is pressuring major tech companies in the U.S. to target “New Denial” of climate change. This includes discussions challenging the left-wing narrative on “global heating,” skepticism about the effectiveness of certain climate policies, and doubts about the trustworthiness of climate science and the climate movement.

Specific targets of this censorship effort include BlazeTV and Daily Wire host Jordan Peterson. CCDH is urging Big Tech companies to update policies to address what they perceive as new forms of climate crisis denial and to reduce the reach, visibility, and financial incentives of such content. Beck expressed skepticism about the CCDH’s stance, questioning how questioning global elites could be labeled as “global hate.”

Beck highlighted the CCDH’s association with the White House, emphasizing that the group is considered one of the White House’s go-to experts on disinformation. He referenced the CCDH’s past actions, such as producing a list of the “disinformation dozen” related to COVID, which allegedly influenced Big Tech’s censorship decisions. The CCDH has also claimed credit for the passage of the Online Safety Act in the U.K.

One of the CCDH’s objectives is to limit the monetization of content that contradicts the global elites’ narrative. Beck argued that demonetizing such content effectively contributes to censorship, as producing content incurs costs. While acknowledging the financial challenges, he suggested that a subscription model is a viable alternative.

The CCDH specifically named Jordan Peterson as a promoter of “new denialism,” citing videos like “The Great Climate Con” and “Killing the Poor to Save the Planet.” Beck was also singled out for his skeptical stance on climate change, with the CCDH referencing his statement that climate change is used to justify gaining power and control. Despite existing policies by Google and YouTube to curb climate misinformation, the CCDH believes these measures fall short and is advocating for an expansion of censorship efforts.

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