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Disturbing: FBI Whistleblower Exposes Americans as ‘Primary Enemy’

Former FBI agent and whistleblower Steve Friend has emerged as a vocal critic, shedding light on what he perceives as the government’s troubling stance against its citizens. Friend, known for his insightful observations, warns of a bureaucratic system that views ordinary Americans as adversaries. His recent remarks have ignited debates, particularly regarding the FBI’s priorities and its approach to various societal issues.

Citing the FBI’s actions in response to different incidents, Friend drew attention to what he sees as a skewed focus of the bureau. He highlighted the apparent discrepancy between the agency’s response to individuals associated with the January 6th events versus its lack of action against those sympathizing with terrorist ideologies publicly. According to Friend, the FBI’s emphasis is predominantly directed at targeting political conservatives and Christians engaging in constitutionally protected activities, echoing concerns about the agency’s methods and motivations.

In a scathing comparison, Friend likened the FBI to the former Soviet Union’s notorious secret police, the KGB. He voiced apprehensions that the bureau, along with other governmental entities like the Department of Justice (DOJ), seems more intent on building a narrative that views Americans as the primary adversaries, rather than addressing critical issues like national security or illegal immigration.

Friend’s critique extended to DOJ Attorney General Merrick Garland’s recent remarks on reproductive rights, where Garland expressed disappointment in a Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade. Friend accused the DOJ of advocating for policies that endorse what he termed as the “murder of babies,” aligning with a conservative perspective against abortion and the Democratic Party’s stance on depopulation.

Moreover, Friend raised alarms about the FBI’s alleged treatment of whistleblowers, emphasizing that the bureau has reportedly targeted those who prioritize upholding the Constitution and exposing governmental abuses. He highlighted the FBI’s training of its employees to label whistleblowers as ‘insider threats,’ painting a concerning picture of the agency’s handling of dissent within its ranks.

From Friend’s perspective, these revelations depict a government apparatus that he believes is out of touch with its foundational principles and seems more inclined towards suppressing dissent than addressing critical issues that concern the American public. His insights, drawn from personal experience and observations, cast a shadow on the inner workings of these governmental agencies, sparking concerns about their conduct and priorities in safeguarding citizen rights and freedoms.

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