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Dems Want to Kill Health Insurance for Unvaxxed Americans

MSNBC hack Joy Reid took a break from race baiting Thursday night to once again call for any one who remains unvaccinated to be denied medical care and for them to be made into an underclass…

Roy asserted that Paul’s attempted takedowns of Fauci have prompted “people like me and my fellow health care professionals double down on what we are doing.”

The pair then discussed what can be done to punish the unvaccinated, suggesting that they should be paid less sick pay in their jobs, and treated the same way smokers are and charged “up to 50 percent more” for health insurance…

Reid seemed to disagree, stating that she has “given up” and wants to see those who “have done the right thing for two years” prioritised in society over those who, in her opinion, have not. Read more…

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