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Dems Now Labeling “Sex Offender” a Bigoted Slur

A Colorado state agency tasked with overseeing the registration, parole and rehabilitation of sex offenders will no longer utilize the term ‘sex offender’ in some circumstances, in a move critics worry could lead to the whitewashing of sexual crimes.

Authorities of Colorado’s Sex Offender Management Board voted to no longer refer to sex offenders with the phrase in a 10-6 vote on Friday. The board has voted to replace the phrase with “adults who commit sexual offenses.”

Colorado lawmakers had briefly considered a proposal to eliminate the phrase “sexually violent predators” from the state’s criminal code last year, before shelving the proposal. A task force in the state is urging the governor and legislature to replace phrases such as “felon,” “convict,” and “defendant,” instituting “justice-involved people” as an alternative.

Rape victim and Second Amendment advocate Kimberly Corbin spoke at the state board’s meeting to criticize the move, accusing the left-wing prosecutors and public defenders spearheading the decisions of ignoring the concerns and interests of those victimized by sexual crimes in the state. Read more…

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