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China’s Illegal Invasion: America Under Siege!

Under the Biden administration, there has been a concerning surge of Chinese illegal aliens entering the United States, totaling over 140,000 since fiscal year 2021. What’s particularly alarming is that the majority of these individuals are military-aged men, posing a significant threat to national security. Chief Patrol Agent Gregory Bovino of the El Centro Sector recently highlighted a disturbing incident where a Chinese national managed to infiltrate a Marine Corps base near the border. The individual’s motives are still under investigation, but it’s clear that he was in the country illegally, raising serious questions about border security.

The number of illegal entries by Chinese migrants has seen a dramatic increase in recent years. From 23,471 in fiscal year 2021, it surged to 27,756 in fiscal year 2022, and then more than doubled to 53,700 in 2023. The trend continues unabated, with reports indicating 36,912 apprehensions through February 2024. This surge is not only a cause for concern but also demands urgent action to address the security risks associated with unchecked immigration.

Compounding the problem is the role of platforms like TikTok, which is controlled by the Chinese government, in facilitating illegal immigration. Numerous accounts on the platform provide detailed instructions on how to navigate the journey to the U.S. border, effectively aiding and abetting illegal entry. Despite the obvious security implications, the Biden administration has failed to adequately address this issue, allowing the problem to escalate.

In a troubling development, the Biden regime weakened the vetting process for Chinese illegal aliens in April 2023. This decision has only served to embolden individuals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in the immigration system, further exacerbating the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies tasked with securing the border. By neglecting to prioritize national security and implementing lax immigration policies, the administration has put the safety and well-being of Americans at risk.

It is imperative that decisive action be taken to stem the tide of Chinese illegal immigration and fortify border security measures. This includes strengthening vetting procedures, enhancing surveillance along the border, and cracking down on the dissemination of illegal immigration instructions on platforms like TikTok. The safety of our nation and its citizens must always be paramount, and it is incumbent upon the Biden administration to prioritize and address this pressing issue without delay.

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