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Busses Full of Armed Rioters Descend on Minneapolis

Law enforcement sources with knowledge of Hennepin County and Minneapolis police investigations revealed to Patriotically Correct radio show host Stew Peters that law enforcement intel briefings indicate armed Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants are being brought into the Minneapolis area on “20 to 40 buses,” as well as on flights arriving daily at Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport.

“New intel drops that are coming to the police that are on the ground right now, 20 to 40 buses, 20 to 40 buses, estimated to be arriving in Minneapolis this week, and into the early part of next week from all over the country,” Peters said.

Peters continued, “Additional flight info also says that people are coming from all over, from [Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport], they’re arriving daily… 20 to 40 buses plus flights arriving at MSP daily, buses and planes arriving full of passengers with riot gear, arriving with helmets , arriving with gas masks, these are all protesters, these are all rioters [and] Antifa, coming in here to loot, riot, burn, and inflict violence and pain, and then run like weak cowards.” Read more…

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