Biden Goes Off His Rocker in Tulsa

President Biden condemned and slandered the American people in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Tuesday. He spoke on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa race riots. “My fellow Americans: this was not a riot,” he declared. “This was a massacre- among the worst in our history, but not the only one. And for too long, forgotten by our history. As soon as it happened there was a clear effort to erase it from our memory- our collective memories.”

Biden’s Tulsa narrative serves two purposes. One, it justifies reparations. Two, it justifies state repression against Trump supporters and other domestic enemies of the Globalist American Empire. In Biden’s telling, the ordinary Americans who attended Stop The Steal rallies are no different from the angry mob that burnt down “Black Wall Street” in 1921.

But to build his libel against his present-day political enemies, Biden presented exaggerated and flat-out wrong information on the Tulsa Riots.

Every part of this story is built on distortions of the factual record. First, there’s some background information needed here. The 2001 Tulsa Commission Report notes that Tulsa suffered from a crime epidemic in the early 20s.

But while more than 36 may have died in the riots, we have no solid proof that “hundreds” died. The 2001 commission counted 39 confirmed deaths; 26 blacks and 13 whites. It also included a stillbirth in its death toll. This was an exhaustive review of available information. The report did say that more could’ve died, but it could find no hard proof of the deceased: No names, no cause of death, and of course, no bodies.

This doesn’t deny that the Tulsa riots were a black mark in American history. But it is necessary to put the riots into perspective. The 39 deaths are comparable to many other race riots in American history. The 1992 Los Angeles riots caused 63 confirmed deaths. Eighteen died in the 1980 Miami riots, 43 died in the 1967 Detroit riots, and 34 died in the 1965 Watts riots. The only difference between these events and Tulsa is that Tulsa was an armed conflict between black and white mobs. The others witnessed black mobs rampaging throughout a city (destroying mostly their own communities).

So what makes Tulsa different? The answer is that it can be blamed on white people and exploited to support a liberal agenda. The race riots of 2020 and the 1960s raise uncomfortable questions for those in power, thus they are shunted aside. Don’t expect Biden to visit Kenosha to bemoan the incredible damages caused by rioters acting out on a lie. Read more…

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