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Biden Admin Unleashes Flood of Illegal Immigrants: Borders Overwhelmed

The Biden administration’s handling of immigration policies continues to raise concerns, as reports reveal that thousands of illegal immigrants are capitalizing on “welded open” floodgates along the Arizona border to enter the United States unchecked.

The open floodgates in Tuscan have now become the most active point for illegal entry into the country. A recent Instagram post by James Breeden captured the arrival of illegal aliens from distant countries such as Senegal, Mauritania, India, and China.

Exploiting this opportunity, these undocumented immigrants purchase plane tickets and invest substantial sums to traverse Mexico, presenting themselves as “refugees” in order to gain an unhindered passage through the border. This approach is thriving as the Biden administration’s response to this challenge remains inadequate.

Furthermore, these individuals discard identification documents and passports before crossing, complicating their potential deportation and creating an additional challenge for authorities.

The New York Post reported a puzzling decision by US officials who have maintained 114 gates along the Arizona border in a permanently open position. This initiative, aimed at facilitating water flow and the migration of an endangered antelope species during the monsoon season, has inadvertently resulted in an average of 1,400 migrants entering the country daily, hailing from places as distant as China.

With overwhelmed border agents unable to stem this influx, there’s a growing sense of helplessness. Migrants have commented on the ease of crossing, highlighting the administration’s failure to provide proper security measures.

In recent times, Arizona has experienced over 42,000 illegal border crossings through these floodgates that were welded open approximately two months ago, making it the busiest illegal crossing point in the country.

Adding to these concerns, the Biden administration’s dismantling and auctioning of portions of the border wall constructed under the previous administration raises questions about the administration’s commitment to border security. The decision to sell off border wall materials further reinforces the perception that securing the border isn’t a priority.

This sentiment is bolstered by the administration’s previous actions, such as paying private landowners to store unused border wall sections and failing to effectively address the influx of illegal immigrants.

As the administration’s approach continues to face scrutiny, the issue remains multifaceted, with far-reaching implications for border security and immigration policies.

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