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Americans Sidelined: Jobs Favored for Migrants, Shocking Workforce Exclusion

The touted job gains celebrated by Democrats and the Biden administration seem to disproportionately benefit immigrants, especially many who are undocumented, while U.S.-born men without college degrees are grappling with job scarcity in the current economic climate. While it’s fair for businesses to hire legal immigrants based on qualifications, concerns arise as a substantial portion of the additional employed migrants, estimated at six out of ten among 2.9 million, are non-citizens, potentially including a significant number of illegal aliens. This situation raises issues about job opportunities that could otherwise go to American citizens while also placing a burden on government resources.

The New York Post highlights the considerable costs associated with illegal immigration, emphasizing that individuals with lower levels of education, typical among many illegal immigrants, often earn modest wages, contribute relatively less in taxes, and rely on means-tested benefits. Moreover, they tend to occupy lower-wage jobs that could be filled by American citizens. Despite these challenges, both Democrats and some Republicans seem disinterested in addressing this critical concern.

A noteworthy social problem is the prolonged decline in the labor force participation of U.S.-born men without a bachelor’s degree. The current labor force participation rate for this demographic, aged 18 to 64, stands at 75.6%, below the 76.3% rate in the fourth quarter of 2019. These figures are significantly lower than the rates in 2006 and 2000. The decline, spanning several decades, has led to negative outcomes such as increased crime rates, social isolation, and “deaths of despair,” including suicide, drug overdose, and alcoholism.

It’s crucial to differentiate between labor force participation and the unemployment rate, where the former includes only those employed or actively seeking work, while the latter is based solely on those actively seeking work in the last four weeks before the unemployment rate is estimated. The decline in labor force participation has severe consequences for individuals, their families, and society, contributing to a range of adverse outcomes.

While welfare programs and disability considerations influence workforce entry decisions, the observation that job gains primarily benefit immigrants, including potentially many undocumented individuals, raises questions about the implications of the Biden administration’s open borders policies. Critics argue that such policies favor foreign individuals who may be violating laws and undermine the interests of American citizens, adding to concerns about the administration’s priorities.

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