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Abortion: How Feminism (and Democrats) Steal Souls

…If the pro-lifers are right about abortion how can this man—and millions more like him—live with what they have done?

I once knew a woman who had had an abortion decades before I knew her. She still waxes on about her reasons; endlessly, if you give her the chance… The decision this woman made to abort her child is such a raw nerve she tried to convince her daughter-in-law to never have children.

That is the abortion issue in a nutshell. This is why every year a million heartbeats are snuffed out legally. This is why the mere fact that some people are opposed to abortion creates hysteria in abortion supporters….

In moments of weakness, foolishness, or wretched selfishness, people chose what seemed the easy way out. In the wake of such bad decisions, they must spend their lives looking for absolution. Democrats tell these people they did nothing wrong and they grasp at that absolution like medieval sinners buying indulgences. Read more…

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