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A White Man Sues a Bar and a White Student Sues Howard Law School for Discrimination

Neal Glessner has been banned from Dan’s Restaurant and Taphouse in Boonesboro, Md. WUSA in D.C. reports that the owners claim Glessner was banned for being disrespectful and harassing the staff. Glessner says he was given the gate because he is an old, white man. The suit dates back to an incident a year ago in which Glessner says he and a friend waited 40 minutes for a takeout order and were told by a manager, “All of you old white men act like you own everything. Just get the f— out. Neither of you are welcome here.”

According to the report, the police were called because Glessner and his friend, Joseph Michael, who at the time was a deputy state’s attorney for Washington County, refused to leave. Michael is currently a circuit court judge and was also banned. The owner maintains that Glessner was repeatedly abusive to employees. Read more…

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