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Three Grammy Nominees Decline Their Own Nominations Because They’re White

Three of the acts nominated to receive the 2021 Best Children’s Album Grammy Award have declined the nomination because all five nominated acts in the category are white, NPR reports.

Alastair Moock, Dog on Fleas, and the Okee Dokee Brothers have all declined their nominations.

Moock, who wrote songs about American heroes such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr., said that while he would like to win a Grammy, he does not “want it like this, where the playing field’s not even.”

“After this year, to have an all-white slate of nominees seemed really tone deaf,” Moock said.

Joe Mailander, one of the Okee Dokee Brothers, said that his group “thought that it was the strongest thing we could do, to stand with people of color whose albums are too often left out of the Grammy nominations.” Read more…

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