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Theranos Interviewee Spills the Beans About Elizabeth Holmes

With Elizabeth Holmes set to be on trial for the massive sprawling fraud she ran at Theranos in the coming days, discourse about the now-defunct company online is picking up.

Among the interesting banter that has made its way out of the woodwork over the past week was one former interviewee, who took to Twitter to describe his experience interviewing with Holmes for a job after John Carreyrou’s WSJ expose had been published. “When I heard Elizabeth was on trial I couldn’t help but recall that moment,” Jon Wu wrote on his Twitter…

Holmes wanted this brand new interviewee to help her save her burning ship. He says Holmes told him:

“Right now, I don’t know who to trust. I need someone to trust. Someone who can help me become the CEO I know I can be.

And I think that person…is you.”

“I was stunned,” he writes…

1st reaction: “Me?? A newly minted business school graduate? To functionally be CFO?”

2nd reaction: “But…why not me? I can save this company.”

3rd reaction: “Holy f*ck this person is a sociopath.” Read more…

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