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Yes, Dems Want to Indoctrinate Pre-Schoolers

After the last year and a half of disasters in public schools – from closures pushed by teachers unions to radical curriculum based on critical race theory – policymakers are now seeking to expand the government’s reach so they can meddle in the upbringing of our country’s youngest children too.

Parents disgusted with public schools’ COVID-era failures and curriculum controversies should reject the idea of putting the government in charge of daycare and preschool. But that’s precisely what Congress wants to do and is working to ram through as a part of its so-called “human infrastructure” bill.

The mammoth budget resolution working its way through Congress allocates hundreds of billions of dollars for childcare and preschool. It would likely require states to develop and submit childcare plans. Parents have every reason to fear that a government-approved preschool and daycare program would create the same problems parents face in K-12 public schools. Read more…

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