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Why Feminism is The Real “War on Women”

It has been said that the first building block of a dynasty is the self-sufficient home. Women’s traditional roles were a crucial part of creating independence and freedom from the corrupt state for the family.

Women held the crucial positions of community organizers, teachers, mothers, homemakers, Good Samaritans of the underprivileged through church-related efforts, holistic nutritionists, midwives, and healers long before feminism was even a glimmer in a suffragette’s eye.

Women held these important positions, not because they had been forced to be there, but because their natural skillsets and personalities drew them to these areas of expertise. The roles held by women in the pre-feminism world were indeed valued and seen as essential and honorable.

In the last century, the powerful impact women have had on this essential aspect of Western culture has been neutered in the process of making us mere producers and consumers. Read more…

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