Why Does Trump Promote the Covid Vaccine Against His Base?

Operation Warp Speed is a key component of Donald Trump’s presidential legacy.

The battle lines in the COVID-19 wars are fairly straightforward: Democrats and the Left, with allies in the swampier corners of the GOP and “conservative” media, versus real conservatives, Republicans, and independent spirits who are wary of rushed vaccines and insist on medical freedom. But there’s one figure whose role in all this doesn’t fit neatly into either side: Donald Trump…

Throughout it all, vaccine enthusiasts blame hesitancy on Trump and his fans, and many of the hesitant continue to see Trump as a kindred spirit who could set things right by taking the White House back in 2024. But is he?

Trump, who contracted COVID himself in October 2020 yet still took the Pfizer jab the following January, has been overwhelmingly positive about the vaccines in all of his post-presidency comments while only offering almost-perfunctory endorsements of Americans’ right to decide for themselves. Read more…

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