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US Colleges Purge White, Middle-Class Applicants

In the days and weeks after George Floyd’s fentanyl overdose, America’s universities proudly proclaimed an imminent “racial reckoning” on campus. “Diversity,” understood in a very specific way, became the top objective. Harvard’s university press published books on how to eliminate schools that were “too white.” Activists demanded the abolition of “white supremacist” standardized tests, and dozens of schools swiftly complied.

Two years have passed. Last fall, American colleges welcomed their first 100% post-George Floyd classes, and the results are clear: At one elite school after another, ordinary white Americans are being treated as academia’s “undesirables” and are slowly being cleansed out…

It is a fascinating personal account. Schmidt’s claims about wealth and sexual orientation are hard to measure, though a (non-randomized) 2015 campus climate survey found only 76 percent of men, and 68 percent of women, identified as exclusively heterosexual at UChicago. But Schmidt’s claims about race certainly can be measured. Do the facts bear out his story? Are ordinary middle-class, middle-American, heterosexual whites vanishing from the University of Chicago? There’s a lot of evidence they are. Read more…

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