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TIME Magazine Argues Exercise Is White Supremacist

This is either a bizarre coincidence or evidence that a Narrative™ decree has gone out.

(No, I don’t think there are actual decrees…mostly).

Yesterday I wrote a piece about Scientific American’s rather odd republishing through tweet of an article originally published in 2020. In it, the author argued that the medical establishment and our society as a whole stigmatizes obesity because Black women are the most obese demographic in America. People can be “healthy at any size,” and focusing on obesity as a health problem is racist.

Now one day later Time Magazine is promoting an article that argues that exercise has White supremacist roots. Two can be a coincidence, of course, but this is one hell of a coincidence. Who wants to be that there will be a series of fat acceptance and anti-exercise pieces across the internet over the coming days? Read more…

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