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This Wasn’t the Bust Florida Police Expected

A Florida sheriff was forced to make a heartbreaking arrest while hunting local meth suppliers – his own daughter.

Franklin County Sheriff A.J. “Tony” Smith told The Washington Post of his shock when his 38-year-old daughter Kristen Kent’s name came up when he asked a busted dealer to identify her supplier.

“I said, ‘My daughter?’ And she said, ‘Yes, sir,'” the sheriff told the paper.

While stunned, he still set up a sting that caught his daughter – a mother of three – delivering a large quantity of meth, he said. She was arrested last week for trafficking amphetamine and possessing cocaine.

“I felt terrible about it, but I also knew that the quantity of drugs she was selling was unbelievable and that she had to be stopped,” he told the DC paper. Read more…

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