This Threat is Worse Than China

The Speaker of the House visited Taiwan last week, setting off a heated diplomatic row between the United States and China…

There’s also an important domestic element to the trip. It demonstrates the Globalist American Empire (GAE) can easily win the support of conservatives so long as it saber rattles against China. The GAE will do nothing substantive to diminish the Chinese threat. All its cronies will do is tweet “Uighur Lives Matter” and carry out stunts like Pelosi’s Taiwan visit. But the GAE wants the American people to be more alarmed by the Chinese Communists than by anything happening domestically. Unfortunately, many conservatives fall for this bait.

Pretty much everyone would agree that China is a serious problem. The communist state is certainly a bigger threat than Russia. But the GAE’s strategy against the ChiComs isn’t serious. America allows in hundreds, if not thousands, of Chinese spies into our country every year. The CCP effectively recruits among the immigrant population here. Dual nationals are, for some reason, given top security jobs where they can access sensitive material. Many of them are routinely caught stealing that information for the CCP.

So how does the GAE respond to this? Does it call for a moratorium on Chinese immigration, bar dual nationals from security jobs, and monitor the Chinese community for potential links to the CCP? Absolutely not. It calls all those ideas racist. Read more…

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