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The Ugly Results of America’s Fatherhood Deficit

It’s a sad truth in today’s society that women often find themselves the brunt of “daddy issues” jokes that mock their behaviors in relationships instead of receiving support to heal.

I myself feel very fortunate to have grown up with a stable, present, and loving father, which makes me empathize even more with those who didn’t have this blessing (an astonishing half of U.S. daughters self-identify as having no father in their lives for various reasons).

The term “daddy issues” gets used so casually with demeaning undertones, rather unfairly pointing fingers at the mistreatment young girls suffered due to the actions of grown men. What seems to be misunderstood is what this indicates for young girls, masculinity as a whole, and the holistic root of healing this pattern which is encouraging more stable homes with present fathers. Read more…

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