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Stores, Stores Everywhere, and Not a Place to Shop

In the search for a shopping experience free from the relentless propagation of progressive ideologies, conservatives are finding themselves with limited options. The current trend of businesses prioritizing their ESG (environmental, social, and governance) scores over consumer preferences is leaving traditional-minded individuals feeling alienated. Kohl’s, once a go-to destination for many shoppers, has now joined the ranks of establishments that conservatives are hesitant to patronize, alongside Bud Light, the Dodgers, and Target.

Target, a popular retailer, has recently embraced the rainbow wave with great enthusiasm. While some relieved consumers initially believed they could still rely on Walmart for their needs, they were disheartened to discover that even this retail giant had succumbed to the proverbial bandwagon. Reports have emerged that Walmart now offers breathable chest binders for individuals who identify as trans, lesbian, or tomboys. Not only does Walmart score a perfect 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index, but it also generously donates to LGBTQ organizations, pledging allegiance to their agenda and refusing to support any non-religious entity that opposes it.

As if this wasn’t enough, PetSmart, a pet supply retailer, has launched a line of merchandise catering to the non-binary community. While animals themselves are oblivious to the concept of gender identities, the company insists on providing rainbow-themed clothing, toys, and accessories for pets, all in the name of inclusivity. It seems the progressive agenda has infiltrated every corner of society, even extending its reach to the pet market.

The powers that be are banking on two possible outcomes. First, they anticipate that even the staunchest boycotters will eventually succumb to their propaganda through sheer exhaustion. Second, they believe that consumers, no matter how committed, will ultimately realize they have limited alternatives and reluctantly spend their money at these progressive establishments. The ESG cabal is confident in its staying power, making it increasingly difficult for conservatives to find companies that aren’t under its influence. While it may be impossible to completely eradicate one’s woke footprint, individuals can continue to minimize their support for such causes. By actively seeking out alternatives and reevaluating what they consider essential, conservatives can exercise their purchasing power in line with their values.

Companies like Target, Kohl’s, and even Walmart offer a range of both useful and unnecessary products. It’s essential for conservatives to remember historical sacrifices made for a greater cause, such as the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War II, and the unwavering spirit of the Greatest Generation. Just as individuals throughout history have willingly foregone luxuries and made personal sacrifices, conservatives today can live without that new duvet, wax melter, or black-and-white picture of the Eiffel Tower. By embracing the spirit of resilience and prioritizing their values over material desires, conservatives can continue their fight against the encroachment of progressive ideology.

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