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Professor Sues University After Being Fired for Showing Images of Muhammad in Class

Earlier this month, PJ Media covered the story of a small college in Minnesota firing a professor for showing images of the Prophet Muhammad in class.

What makes this story doubly outrageous is the fact that the professor of art history, Erika López Prater, took enormous pains prior to showing the images to make sure none of her students would be offended.

In the syllabus she sent out before the course started, López Prater warned that images of religious figures, including the Prophet Muhammad and the Buddha, would be shown in the course. She asked students to let her know if they would be offended. No one raised any objections.

On the day she planned to show the artwork depicting Muhammad, she prepped the class by explaining if anyone was going to be offended by the depiction of The Prophet, they would be excused. No one left. Read more…

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