Pew Poll: Adults Flock to GOP Over Dems

More U.S. adults are identifying with the Republican Party than the Democratic Party, according to the latest Pew Research survey. For the first time ever, the survey shows more adults leaning Republican. Looks like the blue wave is getting a little redder.

The Pew survey reveals that 47% of adults now identify with the GOP, while 46% are sticking with the Democrats. Meanwhile, 7% are apparently too indecisive to lean either way.

Last year’s numbers had the Democrats holding a slight 2-point edge. Guess the tide has turned, and not in their favor.

Nate Cohn, The New York Times’ chief political analyst, highlighted some intriguing findings among young adults. He noted that the GOP is now ahead among 18 to 29-year-olds, even though this age group voted heavily for Biden in 2020. With a sample size of 496, it’s hard to dismiss this as a fluke.

Cohn also pointed out shifts among racial and ethnic groups. The Democrats’ share of nonwhite voters continues to dip, dropping from 68% to 65%. The GOP even has an edge among registered nonvoters. Seems like the Democratic stronghold is crumbling bit by bit.

The Pew poll’s findings are significant because major national polls, like CNN/SSRS, KFF, and Ipsos, use NPORS to weight their surveys. So, if you’re a Democrat, this isn’t just bad news—it’s bad news with a capital B.

In terms of religion, 69% of U.S. adults identify with a faith (41% Protestant, 20% Catholic, 8% other faiths), while 30% don’t. So much for the idea that America is becoming a nation of atheists.

Pew Research’s NPORS was conducted from Feb. 1 to June 10 among 5,626 adults (2,535 online, 2,764 via paper, and 327 over the phone). The numbers don’t lie, and the message is clear: the GOP is gaining ground, and the Democrats might want to start paying attention.

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