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Outrageous: Controversial Rep. Jones Gets Reinstated!

One of the two Tennessee State Representatives ousted for participating in the storming of the Tennessee State House has been re-appointed to his seat.

State Representative Justin Jones (D-Nashville) was re-appointed to his seat by a unanimous vote of the Nashville Metropolitan Council. According to CNN, the Nashville Metro Council voted to suspend a procedural rule that prevents an individual from being nominated and appointed to the seat in the same meeting.

The Council then voted unanmiously, 36-0, to appoint Jones back to the seat.

“This vote was unprecedented,” Nashville Mayor John Cooper said during the meeting, according to local news outlet WTVF. “Let’s give the district their voice back. I call this body to give them their voice back now.”

Jones will serve as interim Rep. for the 52nd legislative district until a special election is held. Jones is eligible for re-election, The Tennessean reported. Read more…

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