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No Doubt: Globalists’ Plan is Global Communism

One would think that several months with a weekly COVID-related death rate of less than one per 100,000 Canadians would have calmed this hysteria. One would think that critical minds might recover their lost wits when jolted by new data showing that in Britain all-cause mortality has for some time been lower among the unvaccinated than among the vaccinated. Or when shown by age-stratified data that, for the majority of people, the risks of vaccination outweigh the risks of remaining unvaccinated. Or that vaccination does not prevent infection and transmission, and that a non-sterilizing vaccine cannot do so. Or that these are not vaccines in the first place, but novel gene therapy treatments with short-term efficacy at reducing symptoms, uncertain long-term dangers, and unacceptable levels of serious adverse reactions.

But no, our supposedly critical minds are baying for the blood of the unvaccinated and of any administrator who refuses to shed it through coercive mandates. Evidence of their own political, medical, and moral folly they simply refuse to consider.

If patriotism was once the last refuge of the scoundrel, today that refuge is environmentalism and global health. Watching over the sphere of global health is the heavily politicized World Health Organization. There are also “independent” monitors and advisory committees, such as The Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness & Response and the soi-disant Global Preparedness Monitoring Board. The former, maintaining that “the threats to human, animal and environmental health are inextricably linked,” has used the COVID crisis to call for the establishment of a Global Health Threats Council with sweeping powers to monitor progress towards WHO objectives, including those of the 2030 Agenda. Read more…

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