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NBC News Slams Supreme Court with Fake News

The Supreme Court, with its Republican-appointed majority, made a commendable decision last week by striking down a Trump-era gun control regulation. This ruling has sent shockwaves through the liberal media, causing a frenzy of partisan and ideological backlash. Their reactions are not only misguided but also indicative of a deeper bias against conservative principles and the Supreme Court’s commitment to upholding the Constitution.

A prime example of this biased reporting is NBC News correspondent Erin McLaughlin. Her coverage of the court’s decision has been alarmingly poor, demonstrating a clear disregard for journalistic integrity. In a segment for the Today Show on Monday, McLaughlin attempted to link a series of recent mass shootings to the Supreme Court’s ruling against Trump’s ban on bump stocks, a device that increases the firing rate of a gun. This connection is not only unfounded but also deeply misleading.

McLaughlin’s segment highlighted several tragic incidents, including a mass shooting at a splash pad in Michigan, a Juneteenth celebration in Texas, and a gathering in Massachusetts. She repeatedly suggested that these events were directly related to the Supreme Court’s decision, despite the fact that none of the shootings involved bump stocks. This conflation of unrelated events is a blatant attempt to manipulate public opinion and discredit the court’s ruling.

At the end of her segment, McLaughlin reluctantly admitted that the weekend shootings did not involve bump stocks. This admission undercuts her entire narrative and exposes the segment for what it is: a deliberate effort to exploit tragedies and push a biased agenda. It’s a textbook example of journalistic malpractice designed to incite fear and undermine the legitimacy of the Supreme Court’s decision.

The truth is, bump stocks are rarely used in mass shootings, and their ban or lack thereof has no significant impact on public safety. The liberal media’s insistence on tying these shootings to the Supreme Court ruling is a transparent attempt to sway public opinion against a decision they disagree with. It’s a disservice to the public and a stark reminder of the media’s role in shaping narratives, often at the expense of facts and honest reporting.

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