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Monk Banned From Facebook Explains How the Internet is a Vehicle for the Devil

Orthodox Christian monk Abbot Tryphon is warning of “dark forces” that are at work after his banishment from Facebook.

“I labor in this vineyard for the Lord, Whom I believe has called me to this online mission. I post my blog articles, together with the daily scripture readings, because I care from the depth of my heart for the next generation,” he wrote.

Because Tryphon cares about the word of Christ and successfully uses social media for the purposes of evangelism, he is being targeted by the Big Tech thought controllers.

“The Internet is a great way to teach others about the Orthodox Church, as we share the ancient Christian path that is unknown to most people in the Western World. It is also a wonderful vehicle for connecting Orthodox Christians from many lands, creating friendships and support for living a life that is in opposition to that of this world,” he wrote.

After clamping down on conservatives and Trump supporters, Facebook is moving onto traditional Christians and crushing their communities under the guise of combating hate speech.

“It is with all this in mind that I confess my sadness that Facebook has chosen to ban me from their social medium, and separate me from my 39,553 “friends” and followers of my “Abbot Tryphon” Facebook page. All those who know me are aware of my passion for missionary work. My blog, The Morning Offering began as a pastoral and missionary tool, allowing me to reach out with the truth of the Orthodox Faith in this age of the internet,” he wrote.

Tryphon noted that he was banned without Facebook ever mentioning that he had violated their nebulous terms of service. He believes this is part of a conspiracy to destroy freedom of speech on the Internet as part of the ongoing plan to devastate Western Civilization. Read more…

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