Man Up: Former Navy SEAL Detransitions, Speaks Out Against Transing Kids

Former SEAL Team 6 member Chris “Kristen” Beck gets his man card back in time for Christmas.

“Everything you’ve seen on CNN with my face on it, don’t believe it,” Beck declares in a video interview with Robby Starbuck.

Beck, who earned over 50 medals during his 20-year military career, went public in 2013 and announced he had become a woman. The media commies screeched with delight when Beck tossed aside his toxic masculinity in favor of a dress. CNN even made a documentary about him called “Lady Valor: The Kristen Beck Story.”

Beck wrote a book, Warrior Princess, with his psychologist Anne Speckhard – who coincidentally pressured him to come out as transgender and then co-write the book with her. Beck now claims Speckhard urged him to become transgender and used him to write the book, which she bragged would make her a millionaire. Read more…

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