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Make-a-Wish Foundation Destroys Child’s Dream, Patriots Step Up

After a long sabbatical, Make-A-Wish Foundation will once again grant wishes for terminally ill children around the country. There’s just one catch- take the experimental COVID-19 vaccine or you’re out of the club.

Going along with the recent disturbing nationwide trend of furiously attempting to control the medical privacy of others, the Make-A-Wish Foundation will no longer provide charity work for sick children and their families if any of them are not vaccinated.

CEO Richard Davis made the announcement in a newly released video, beginning by praising himself and his organization for their apparent good work…

After what appeared to be an attempt to soften the blow, Davis eventually dropped the bomb.

“I’m excited to share that make a wish will resume granting air travel in the United States and its territories as well as granting wishes involving large gatherings for vaccinated Wish families as soon as September 15th of 2021. All wish participants, including your wish kid and any siblings, will be need to be 2 weeks past completion of either a one dose or a two dose vaccine.”

Any decent person would likely see just how demonic such a rule is, especially when one considers that many terminally ill children are not able to receive many vaccines due to the risk of introducing a foreign agent to an already weakened body.

As a consequence of the new policy, Make-A-Wish threw out promised wishes for numerous children around the country, with 8-year-old cancer patient Sophie being one of the lucky winners. Since she is not able to take the vaccine, her father, Dan McDowell, started a now concluded GoFundMe to raise funds and make her wish come true.

Ian Smith, famous for keeping New Jersey’s Atilis Gym open despite statewide lockdowns and ensuing legal battle, saw the news and decided to take action. Smith made a post explaining the situation, urging his followers to donate. McDowell closed the fundraiser just a couple of hours after, with more than enough money being raised.

Smith’s actions warmed the hearts of many, proving once again that in spite of this crazy world American generosity isn’t dead just yet. Read more…

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