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Libs Still Defending Suppressing COVID Debate Even After Being Proved Wrong

Yesterday the Department of Energy joined the FBI in concluding that the COVID-19 virus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

In the manner of all such conclusions the Department of Energy included its level of confidence in this conclusion, and that level of confidence is “low.” The FBI’s level of confidence, based upon a parallel but different analysis has a “medium” level of confidence.

Defenders of the assertion that speculations about COVID’s origins should be left solely to the experts and should be suppressed among people like you and me downplay the significance of the DoE’s conclusion because of its “low” confidence while ignoring the facts that 1) this was a reconsideration that changed their conclusion from “who knows?” to “probably lab leak;” and 2) “low” confidence just means “we believe so, but can’t provide a definitive case that it is certain.” Read more…

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